Rigby Family :)

Rigby Family :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Costa Rica Trip, Oct 2007

The Marriott Hotel in Costa Rica.

We loved our hotel. It was beautiful!

There is always a golf course wherever we travel. Lucky that Blair loves to golf!

Meeting Sister Elaine S. Dalton of the Young Women General Presidency in Costa Rica was a highlight for me. This was a friend's new baby from Utah, I told Sister Dalton we just got our picture taken with a future "young women!"

I attended a small ward in Costa Rica on Sunday. Two months earlier I had been released in our ward as Young Women President, but I couldn't resist attending Young Women's with Sister Dalton. It was an experience I will never forget. She is an amazing leader!

I was turning the big "fifty" and we celebrated by zip-lining through the rain forests of Costa Rica!

Our best friends Mike & Leslie Watkins. We love traveling with them. What memories and also so much laughter. Great fun!

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The Heiner Story said...

Hooray!! A post from the Rigby household. I love the pictures. Keep it up! Love you!