Rigby Family :)

Rigby Family :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Date-Sweet Sixteen-Commencement

Annie and her "first date" Zachary Bell leaving for the dance.

Kayla Hirschi with her date Ryan Moeller.

Ryan Moeller, Kayla Hirschi, Annie Rigby, Zac Bell

Friends since gradeschool.


Six Girls and One Boy said...

Annie looks just beautiful, like a princess for sure! How exciting--her first date. She is going to steal a few hearts throughout the years of her dating.

Beverly said...

These photos are beautiful, Denise. Like I said, you have a little beauty queen now. Annie looked just perfect and I'm grateful I was at your home to have her show me these photos in person. I loved the twinkle in her eyes as she recounted how much fun her first prom had been.
Annie is really a special young lady and I'm very glad you still have her to enjoy throughout her high school years. Great post!!

Laura Copeland said...

These pictures are just precious. Truly, Annie is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. I remember all of the kids' first proms. I always got tears. They just grew up too fast!