Rigby Family :)

Rigby Family :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend April 2010 :)

Ella was excited to see the Birthday Girl!

We stopped on our way to Utah and picked up Ella and Lisa. We had a great time together with family.

I took this picture of these beautiful spring flowers. They were "springing up in Lisa and Logan's backyard. Aren't they beautiful?

We went to Olive Garden For Annie's Birthday lunch!

I got a Nintendo DSI from my Dad. I love it! Thanks so much Dad.

It was so much fun spending time with Ryan. He is the best brother ever!

Taking notes during General Conference. Loved conference!

Annie on her 15th Birthday! We didn't have candles, but the fresh strawberries made up for it.

This cake was absolutely amazing. Thanks to Mom!

Ella was ready to swim after Saturday afternoon conference got over.

Easter morning, Ella wore her bunny ears.

Spending time with Ella. I love her so much!

Sunday afternoon we watched conference at Ryan's home.

Cute as a bunny!

Just a couple more, okay Ella?

Fifteen and having fun!

Ella didn't like the cold pool but she loved the hot tub!

I think Ella loves swimming as much as her mother. Especially since she has so many cute swimming suits!

Logan and Ella


Melanie said...

I miss you all so much!! I LOVED the pictures! Ella is a darling bunny. Happy Birthday Annie!

Beverly said...

Denise, you have a beautiful blog and I didn't even know that you did. Joyce just told me about it. This was fun to really get to see your Hawaii trip and to follow your family activities. Now you are going to be added to my list of alerts to let me know when you post new up-dates. This makes me feel closer to the nieces, nephews and grand kids. Great job. Our blog is larryandbeverly.blogspot.com