Rigby Family :)

Rigby Family :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Maui!!!

Grilling steaks for dinner...... they were delicious.

This was such a fun slide at the pool.

Posing for the camera with my cousins Brooke and Allison. That sidewalk behind us could take you all the way down to a mall and restaurants. Soooooo fun!

Emily and Kelsey

We ate at Cilantro Mexican Grill that had really good food.

Our most favorite dessert at the Hulu Grill, Chocolate ice cream sandwich with hot fudge, whip cream and raspberry sauce.

Our last night on Maui. We loved being together.

We attended a show called Cirque Polynesia...It was really fun.

All the girls were dressed up and ready to have their picture taken!

This giant Polynesian picked up Annie and posed for a picture. I thought that this one would surely be a facebook post! Actually, this man knew Corbin who is serving a mission in Hawaii right now. His wife helped us get tickets for the show. Thanks Natalie and Mark!
Emily and Annie at the Aloha Mixed Grill Restaurant.

Shopping at Hilo Hatties that had alot of pretty jewelry and clothes.

Our rental car was really nice. We got a red car on the other island too.

This was a nice place to eat and right on waterfront.

A beautiful view out our balcony from our room. We loved the swimming pool and beach.

Relaxing on a giant hammock.

The mall shopping was quite expensive, so we just looked.

I loved snorkeling in the ocean with my Dad.

Playing in the sand on the beach.

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Six Girls and One Boy said...

Emily and Annie are such beautiful girls inside and out! They will be friends forever!